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#lpexperthour: Caribbean travel, post-hurricane

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In September 2017 parts of the northern Caribbean islands were hit by two of the most impactful and major hurricanes in recent memory, one after the other, leaving devastation, flooding and homelessness in their paths.

But with many communities already starting to rebuild and regroup, the Caribbean tourism industry noting that returning travellers will provide key support, and many Caribbean nations having not been affected at all, staying away may not be the best solution, as instinctive as it may seem. A few months on from the events, and we're dedicating our next #lpexperthour to shedding some light on the confusing issue of travel in the post-hurricane Caribbean.

Join us on Thursday 16 November as Lonely Planet destination editor Bailey Freeman takes control of our Twitter account to share her travel insights and advice, answer your questions about travelling to the Caribbean in the coming year, and talk about why Puerto Rican city San Juan's positive outlook for 2018 has seen it make our Best in Travel 2018 list.

How do I take part?

  1. Follow @lonelyplanet and the hashtag #lpexperthour on Twitter on Thursday 16 November at 4:30pm GMT/ 8:30am PST.
  2. Tweet us your questions by including our handle @lonelyplanet and the hashtag #lpexperthour.
  3. Stay tuned to our feed to see advice and answers direct from our Caribbean destination editor, Bailey Freeman. While we’ll do our best to answer your questions, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer each and every one.

Introducing our Caribbean Destination Editor


Bailey Freeman is Lonely Planet’s destination editor for Central America and the Caribbean. During her time at the company, Bailey has commissioned and managed the content for 35 countries and written pieces for lonelyplanet.com, Lonely Planet's US magazine, and Lonely Planet coffee-table titles. She first travelled to the Caribbean many years ago as a teenager, and since then her work has led her on a number of incredible adventures across this beautiful and intriguing corner of the earth: exploring the beaches of Curacao, learning the merengue in the Dominican Republic, navigating the hubbub of Cuba’s capital city, and taste-testing the alcapurrias of Puerto Rico. Follow her at @The_Traveling_B.

Heading to the Caribbean? Travel alerts for the Caribbean and up-to-date advice will be shared here and recent accounts from travellers can be found via our Thorn Tree thread. Also, keep an eye on our blog for a round-up of #lpexperthour.