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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from September 2017


From picturesque Peruvian mountainscapes to colourful Cappadocian hot air balloons, our Pathfinders have been busy sharing their snaps from the far reaches of the world this month. Here are five of our favourite frames from September.

Cusco, Peru

A post shared by Daniel James (@danflyingsolo) on

‘While trekking through the Peruvian Andes I was blown away by the rugged landscapes and friendly locals, the combination of which helped make this hike so spectacular. The highlight for me was the walk down from the peak with the towering valley rising on both sides.’ – Daniel, @danflyingsolo

Why we like it: Dan snapped this shot while on assignment in Peru as part of the Pathfinders programme. The barren landscape stretching out ahead evokes the exhilaration of intrepid travel, framed superbly by the imposing twin peaks and cloud-strewn blue sky.

Bali, Indonesia

‘If you look carefully you can spot small tributes like this all over the island of Bali on sidewalks, statues, temples, koi ponds. Balinese people practice a Hindu belief system and believe that creating daily offerings will appease the gods. It's incredible seeing locals create these so quickly from just palm leaves, fruit and rice!’ – Sher, @shershegoes

Why we like it: Sher’s crisp image of a canang sari (Balinese offering) above a koi pond is not only visually striking thanks, in part, to the contrast between its colourful foreground and dark background but also illustrates how religion shapes the travel experience in so many destinations, with rituals and ceremonies continually capturing the curiosity of travellers.

Cappadocia, Turkey

‘While people come from all over the world to Turkey's mountainous Cappadocia region for its whimsical ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations, I myself have fallen in love with the land for moments like this. Hundreds of hot air balloons rise up into the air here each morning, a spectacle that can momentarily turn even the most melancholic traveller into a wide-eyed child.’ Yulia, @insearchofperfect

Why we like it: Cappadocia’s hot air balloons are predominantly snapped from afar, with photographers drawing on the sense of tranquillity induced by the sight of floating balloons. Having based herself in the heart of the action, Yulia offers a fresh, dynamic perspective of the event, while still capitalising on the vibrancy of the balloons’ colours and scale of the vast landscape.

Alajuela, Costa Rica

A post shared by Emily Luxton (@em_luxton) on

‘I'm not normally one for early starts, but when there's an active volcano visible from the foot of your bed it's pretty easy to wake up at 5.30am! I was thrilled to catch the peak of Arenal Volcano in the warm dawn light; definitely worth getting out of bed for.’ – Emily, @em_luxton

Why we like it: the morning light breaking on the volcano, paired with the atmospheric wisps of white cloud, combine to dramatise the landform’s dominion over its surrounds. The colour and sense of scale provided by the foreground flora is an added bonus.

Central Mongolia

‘While traveling through Central Mongolia, we came across many nomadic families and numerous yak herds. After spending the night in a ger – a traditional, light-weight tent – we woke up early to witness our host family going through their intriguing morning routine.’ – Oksana & Max, @drinkteatravel

Why we like it: A vibrant shot with an unusual subject matter, which fastens the eye thanks to the background blur. This photo encapsulates a common travel phenomenon: how one person’s mundane routine provides a source of enchantment to another. On a more rudimentary level, who doesn’t enjoy a good snap of a yak?

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