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Behind the 'zines: Lonely Planet Traveller's September issue

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The September issue of Lonely Planet Traveller magazine UK is hot off the press and packed with inspiration for late summer adventures. This month we reveal France’s best-kept secret spots, take a road trip through the Great Lakes, explore southeast Asia by boat and hunt down the coolest places in London. Take a look behind the scenes as we share stories and photography tips from a few of this month’s features.

Chicago's epic skyline in the sunshine © Aubrie Pick / Lonely Planet With 119 buildings clocking in at 150 metres or higher, Chicago has one of the world’s most epic skylines © Aubrie Pick / Lonely Planet

Chicago, USA

Photographer Aubrie Pick explored Chicago, birthplace of the skyscraper, for our ultimate Great Lakes road trip.

‘I took this photo aboard the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise as it made its way up the Chicago River. I loved the way the blue of the sky reflected in the glass of the skyscrapers, which then reflected in the water. It was a tricky shot, because being low in the water with the buildings so high ran the risk of parallax, an effect where objects appear to veer together. To counteract this, I tried not to shoot up and instead kept my camera level with the horizon.’

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Farmer Kai Ketthavong in his rice fields near Wat Phu © Justin Foulkes / Lonely Planet Farmer Kai Ketthavong in his rice fields near Wat Phu © Justin Foulkes / Lonely Planet

Champasak, Laos

Voyaging through Laos on the mighty Mekong river, writer Oliver Berry watched the sun set over rice fields near the temple complex of Wat Phu.

‘Rice is a hugely important crop in Laos, and there are paddies all along the banks of the Mekong. We’d spent the afternoon at the temple and later got chatting to a local farmer and his family who were listening to Laotian pop music and relaxing in the evening sunshine. In the distance you can just make out a sacred mountain topped by a dome-shaped rock known as a linga, for local Buddhists and Hindus a holy symbol of Shiva.’

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Max Bergius of Secret Smokehouse in London Fields holds up some salmon in East London © Issy Croker / Lonely Planet Max Bergius of Secret Smokehouse in London Fields, East London © Issy Croker / Lonely Planet

London, England

Acting Features Editor Jess Cole met fish smoker Max in east London while researching our feature on the new makers, producers and creatives making waves across the city.

'I love the glow of pride that radiates from this photo. Max smokes fish to a secret recipe in an arch near London Fields - so secret, in fact, that he explained to us apologetically that photography was strictly banned inside the smokehouse itself, in case it inadvertently betrayed his unique methods or recipe to any budding rivals! We didn’t mind: the brickwork right outside was the perfect backdrop to match the gritty railway arch theme of our feature.'

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Woden stilt houses on the outskirts of Castro, Chiloé, Chile © Philip Lee Harvey / Lonely Planet These stilt houses on the outskirts of Castro are typical of Chiloé’s wooden architecture © Philip Lee Harvey / Lonely Planet

Chiloé Archipelago, Chile

In this month’s photo story, Philip Lee Harvey focuses his lens on the unique timber architecture and seafaring traditions of Chiloé in Chilean Patagonia. He tells us how he got this shot of capital Castro:

'Palafitos, or stilt houses, have become a symbol of Chiloé. Originally built as fisherman's cottages and places to store the catch, many are now hotels and restaurants, as well as homes. The weather in Chiloe is extremely unpredictable and can change in seconds. On my third visit to this view, I got lucky – after a very wet day, the sun appeared. Minutes later the clouds returned and the scene lost its magic. Perseverance and luck – the basis of any photographic career'.

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