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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from March 2017

This month's round-up of photographs from our Pathfinders community is ushering in the spring, showing us otherworldly landscapes and teaching us that a little patience often results in the perfect image.

White Island Volcano, Whakatane, New Zealand

‘The beautiful purple, grey and yellow scenery of White Island Volcano in New Zealand looked like the colour palette had been picked out by Wes Anderson himself.’ - Crystal Egan, @castawaywithcrystal.

Why we like it: The surreal colours and terrain of this landscape seem like they could be on another planet. The layers of steam and rocks add depth and allow us to imagine what it would be like if we were suited up and exploring a celestial place.

St James's Park, London, UK

‘Spring in London gets more beautiful every day, and I've been spending as much time in the parks as I can. One morning I walked through St James's Park and saw these beautiful pink blossoms framing the water. It summed up everything I love about the season in London’ – A Lady in London, @aladyinlondon.

Why we like it: This image is wonderfully composed. The pink tree in the top of the photograph and the grassy bank in the lower section of the image create a glorious natural frame.

Hamburg, Germany

A post shared by Breathe With Us (@breathewus) on

‘Speicherstadt is the old warehouse district of Hamburg and a must-visit while in the city. The warehouses are now offices and flats but at night and with lights, it turns into a magical place.’ – Breathe With Us, @breathewus.

Why we like it: Cities take on a life of their own at night. The soft water in this image and the warm glowing lights in the building are very soothing – something not available during daylight hours.

Nacpan, Philippines

‘After setting sail from El Nido, we found ourselves approaching the island of Nacpan. Our boat anchored and we rode the waves to the beach in kayaks before drying off and heading inland. As we approached the top of the island, we realized that the island runs very narrow and while one side shows us a white-sand beach, the other shows us a contrasting rugged coastline. The best of both worlds, all on one little island.’ – Lina & Dave-Travel Photography, @divergenttravelers.

Why we like it: The competition for most jaw-dropping element in this image is fierce. At the top we have the sky with these amazing clouds smashing into gorgeous green mountains. In the lower section, an idyllic beach and moody ocean collide. It's fabulous.

Szabadság Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

‘We were on our way to the Gellert Spa when we came across this beautiful green bridge. I waited for the traffic lights to go red so I could take a picture of a bridge in all its splendour... but a cyclist decided to cross the road. Sometimes, good timing can transform an ordinary place into an extraordinary visual memory.’ – Cory & G Varga, @youcouldtravel.

Why we like it: The symmetry in this image! Could it be more perfect? Even the tyres of the bicycle are lined up just right. The soft colour palette and the serene setting are very inviting and beckon us to walk towards the bridge and explore the tranquil city on our own.

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