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LP Pathfinders: top posts from January 2017

Eagle Hunter An eagle hunter in the Altai Mountains, Mongolia © Natthawat / Getty Images

This month’s round-up has got big adventures, unusual festivals and wintry recommendations for an amorous escape. Journey to Mongolia to see the iconic eagle hunters in action; grab a bunk on an overnight train across India; get a peek at Pittsburgh through the eyes of a local; drool over snowy scenes on a romantic break in Alberta; and discover the artisans behind the Kite Festival of Gujarat.

All aboard the Indian Night Train – Bella Falk

We love this colourful account of a night spent on a sleeper train whistling through Southern India. Bella deftly paints the scene; from the sounds and smells to the characters of the other passengers on board, you almost feel as though you were on the bunk next to her. It’s great to have an honest account of an experience both romanticised and sometimes slated by travellers.

This producer-director-photographer loves travelling to weird and wonderful places. Follow her blog at passportandpixels.com

Four romantic winter getaways in Alberta, Canada – Rhonda Krause

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon we couldn’t resist including this romantic round-up of wintry retreats in Alberta. With cosy lodges, hearty grub, plenty of ice, snow and adventure sports, there’s something here for every couple, and if the activities themselves don’t entice you, the stunning images of snowy scenes certainly will.

Rhonda is a teacher by day, photographer on weekends and an explorer at heart. Follow her blog at travelyesplease.com

Behind the scenes of Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival – Brooke Thio

Pictures and stories of the Mongolian eagle hunters have long captivated travellers and inspired wanderlust, and Brooke’s post is no exception. Her style of writing is light and descriptive, cleverly capturing her experience. Her beautiful imagery gives us a window into the lives of the locals and the traditions of the infamous eagle hunters.

Brooke hopes to inspire others with the stories she shares on her blog. Follow her blog at roamscapes.com

A peek into the kite-making industry in Gujarat – Sindhu Murthy

The first thing that strikes you about this post is the kaleidoscopic colours of Sindhu’s images. Bright, bold and well-composed, the images are woven into the story in a magazine-style spread which gives this post a nice texture and makes it engaging to read. It’s fascinating to learn about the kite-making industry and how it feeds into many aspects of Gujarat life.

Sindhu has a passion for travel, food, photography and everything in between. Follow her blog at interludejourney.com

The best places to people watch in Pittsburgh – Madeline Quigley

‘Watching a Yinzer (Pittsburgh native) crush an Iron City beer, and then complain about the bus being late? That is something you can only do in Pittsburgh.’ Forget the typical tourist attractions and get to know the people behind this city. Madeline's guide will help you achieve fly-on-the-wall status as you soak up some local culture, and maybe earwig on some local conversations.

As well as travel, Madeline loves pizza, literature, technology, art, wine and darts. Follow her blog at thegal-ivanter.com


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