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Flickr challenge: ‘Mineral’ theme results

After our recent series of Best in Travel 2017 challenges – ‘Best’, ‘In’ and ‘Travel’ – we return to individual themes for the last few competitions before the end of the year.

The ‘Mineral’ challenge has just finished, with two winning shots and a mountain of gneiss entries, so let’s dig into the results!

This week's winners

A hard life - Luke Sergent Workers gathering up their spoils in the Bolivian mines © Luke Sergent

This is a remarkable winning shot from Luke Sergent, captured in the Potosí silver mines. It’s fascinating to see small flecks of metal in the tunnel walls, and the limited light in the image helps complete our immersion into the underground environment. We certainly don’t envy these brave, hard-working men and their daily responsibilities!

Salinas - g e c k t r e k Continuing the Inca tradition of salt harvest in Peru © g e c k t r e k

Our second winner this week is g e c k t r e k’s beautifully simple capture of the Salinas salt pans, near Maras, Peru. We appreciate the way the image has been balanced and cropped to display a variety of different stages of evaporation and the evolution of the different shades of brown, beige and white across the varying terrace levels.

This week's runners-up

kempty falls - Udayan Sankar Pal Dedication needed in clearing Kempty Falls following a landslide © Udayan Sankar Pal

This shot is historically quite interesting because it depicts the Kempty Falls, near Dehra Dun in India, in a dilapidated state following a landslide in 2012. Udayan Sankar Pal has cleverly captured this singular scene in greyscale, incorporating workers trying to clear the rockfall and the impressive water torrent still gushing in the background.

Smooth, water-polished marble in Mosaic Canyon - Al.Ci. Time-worn marble walls line the path through Death Valley NP © Al.Ci.

Another beautiful black and white photo makes the top images, this time from Al.Ci. captured in Mosaic Canyon. We love how the smooth stone walls are so close to the sides of the frame, allowing us to examine the amazing cracks and textures, and we also appreciate the vignetting at the edge of the shot – it centres our focus perfectly.

Wadi Rum Sandstone - Nicholas Olesen Photography Warm orange tones bathe the landscape in Jordan © Nicholas Olesen Photography

Nicholas Olesen Photography completes the runners-up with this bright shot from Jordan’s iconic Wadi Rum. We like the incredible waves of colour running through the outcrop of rock in the foreground, and it’s wonderful to see a peerless blue sky in the background – the contrast complements the golden sandstone to great effect.

This week's staff picks

Machinery sunet - kaifr Sunset lights up the horizon in southern Norway’s Vestfold county © kaifr

Our first pick is this industrial sunset from Sandefjord, taken by kaifr. It strikes an excellent balance between an artificial subject and a magnificent natural backdrop of sunset colours. We also like the angle of the shot; placing the setting sun directly behind the factory building makes it seem almost like the land behind the plant is aflame, with wreaths of pink smoke rising into the sky to signal the blaze.

What a View - nathanocracy Breathtaking Icelandic panorama on the famous Laugavegur trek © nathanocracy

Our cheeky second pick comes via the Editorial team – they fell in love with this shot at first sight. Regular contributor nathanocracy has created another fantastic photo with this Icelandic vista snapped at Landmannalaugar. The view itself is incredible, from the coloured mountains to the light patches of snow, and the central observer-in-pink makes a perfect final addition... we're rather envious of her seat, too!

You can check out all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘Thanks’, and the week after will be ‘Quandary’ (our penultimate challenge of 2016).

Interested in taking part? We’re accepting entries in the ‘Quandary’ challenge until Tuesday 6 December – visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!