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Flickr challenge: ‘Travel’ theme results

Have you heard about our weekly photo competition? Every Tuesday we select a new keyword or phrase, before challenging our community on Flickr to submit their most suitable image for the theme. We then give participants a week to vote on their favourite images before tallying up the results.

We’ve been celebrating the launch of our recent Best in Travel 2017 campaign with a short series of related challenges – ‘Best’, ‘In’ and ‘Travel’.

The final instalment in the trio – ‘Travel’ – has just concluded, and we’re proud to say the images featured below are some of the best we’ve seen recently. Let’s take a look!

This week's winner

Monk at Lamayuru- - naomipics Seeing things from a different perspective in Ladakh, India © naomipics

This is a fantastic winning shot from naomipics, offering an unusual capture of Lamayuru and one of its photogenic (and flexible!) residents. We appreciate the thought that’s been given to cropping and framing the image to ensure maximum impact, and we also like the juxtaposition of our subject’s bright garb against the heavily textured surroundings – they really serve to make the red pop.

This week's runners-up

Inle Lake, Myanmar - Square Lamb Photography Traditional Intha leg-rowing techniques in Myanmar © Square Lamb Photography

It’s always a pleasure to see a great photo of the fishermen on Inle Lake, and this entry from Square Lamb Photography is no exception. There’s a perfect sense of balance in the shot – every small detail is kept in sharp focus, from aquatic plant life to ripples on the water, yet nothing detracts from our similarly well-balanced subject.

Parliament by Night - nathanocracy The rush of double-decker bus accentuates London at night © nathanocracy

We love this dynamic shot of the Houses of Parliament from nathanocracy, perfectly-timed to capture the neon smear of a London bus as it traverses the frame. We’d usually avoid snapping something that could obscure most of the photo, but here it works beautifully to add modernity to what might otherwise be a prosaic view.

Nepal - Sagarmatha National Park - Ama Dablan sunset from Kala Patthar - IKD PHOTOGRAPHY Sunset colours paint the Himalayas in eastern Nepal © IKD PHOTOGRAPHY

IKD PHOTOGRAPHY brings us this stunning photo of a pastel sunset, shot from the summit of Kala Patthar in Sagarmatha National Park. There’s so much in this beautiful vista to enjoy, but we particularly appreciate how the outcrop on the right gives us a close-up of the rock textures and leads our focus gently up to the mountain peaks.

Sydney - the new bronze Adventure on the open waves off the coast of Australia © the new bronze

For us, this shot epitomises the feeling of old-fashioned exploration – a time when travel meant adventure on the high seas! We really like the new bronze’s decision to shoot into the sun, as it creates a path of light across the water and gently blurs the Sydney Harbour skyline (and its famous bridge, faintly visible in the distance).

Around yogyakarta, indonesia - andywrightflikr Catching a few moments of downtime in Java, Indonesia © andywrightflikr

This entry from andywrightflikr makes great use of grayscale to capture a candid moment on the streets of Yogyakarta. As always, we like how the shades of black and white help emphasise the patterns and textures in the shot, drawing our eye to the mud guard mural on the left and piquing our curiosity to zoom in for a closer look!

Walking along the Cliffs of Moher - Kuba Abramowicz A scenic path through rural Ireland, filled with possibilities… © Kuba Abramowicz

Kuba Abramowicz has captured another picturesque moment with this vivid shot from the Cliffs of Moher. We love how the composition leads our gaze seamlessly along the road, following our subject, yet still provides interest points along the way – the crystal clear reflections in the puddle and the tiny fragment of scenery visible to the left.

This week's staff pick

Island Hopping - gerpower Backpacks, beaches and blissful freedom in the Cyclades, Greece © gerpower

This summery capture from Naxos, taken by gerpower, is our pick this week. It conjures up memories of touring Europe with our backpacks, enjoying the sunshine and – invariably – waiting around for the next journey onwards. We also like the choice of a limited depth of field, fixing our attention on the centre of the shot and turning the landscape beyond into a general impression of sky and sea.

You can check out all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘Mineral’, and the week after will be ‘Thanks’.

Interested in taking part? Entry for the ‘Thanks’ challenge is open until Tuesday 29 November – visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!