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Flickr challenge: ‘Guide’ theme results

Did you know we run a weekly Flickr challenge? Every Tuesday we ask talented travel photographers to submit their best image to fit a chosen word or phrase.

Community voting for the ‘Guide’ challenge has just finished with two winners tied for the top spot. Here are some of the best entries.

This week's winners

When fairy tales sound true - Udayan Sankar Pal A local guide narrates the history of Hyderabad's old city, India © Udayan Sankar Pal

Our first winner is this wonderful photo from Udayan Sankar Pal, from an afternoon spent with a resident caretaker in the Moula Ali Dargah. We like the juxtaposition of the textured walls of the old building against the modern city behind, especially where certain sections catch the sunlight and we can read faint graffiti from over the years.

"Tonto", Ethiopian Scout - rabbit.Hole Tonto, the local scout, poses before an impressive backdrop in Ethiopia © rabbit.Hole

The week’s second winner is this remarkable photo taken by rabbit.Hole in the Simien Mountains National Park. We love the consistent green colour palette across the background and foreground, particularly because it makes the white waterfall stand out all the more. Tonto’s perch doesn’t look very safe to us, though!

This week's runners-up

Beacon - kaifr A guiding beam of light keeps sailors safe off the coast of Southern Norway © kaifr

We appreciate kaifr’s interpretation of the week’s theme, with this striking blue-hour photo of a lighthouse near Farsund in Norway. There’s enough exposure for the image to still include some details of the nearby settlement and countryside, but otherwise the warm yellow light stands out against the gloom to reassuring effect.

River - oarranzli Watching the scenery drift past on a journey down a river in Peru © oarranzli

This is an extremely effective shot from oarranzli, taken on the Río Madre de Dios. The tight focus places us directly in the boat, and piques our curiosity with the blurred vegetation on the river banks to either side. Our fellow passenger to the left looks a little bored, resting head on hand, but hopefully he’s not as disinterested as he seems!

Our guide at Pangon lake on a Royal Enfield- - naomipics A Royal Enfield motorbike leaves the landscape ablur in India © naomipics

We love how naomipics has captured a sense of speed in this photo from Pangong Tso in the north of India. Our guide subject seems almost frozen in time as the water rushes by, and the distant mountains blur. The rich carmine colour of his outfit really stands out, and serves to accentuate the vibrant blues of the lake and sky behind.

Guardian of the Edfu Temple - Kuba Abramowicz Hieroglyphics frame a striking portrait of an Egyptian guide © Kuba Abramowicz

Kuba Abramowicz’s portrait of a guide at the Temple of Horus in Edfu is a fantastic shot. We like the way the muted tones of his clothes complement the golden background, and we also enjoy the opportunity to examine some of the beautiful hieroglyphs and carved stonework from close up.

This week's staff pick

Dreams of a Maasai Guide - soartzyy A Maasai guide surveys the chilly morning landscape in Tanzania © soartzyy

Our pick of the week is this evocative image from soartzyy, capturing a local Maasai guide on the banks of Lake Natron. We like the careful composition, and how the limited morning light lends atmosphere to the scene. At first glance, the lake seems quite close… until we re-examine the water textures and the flock of surprisingly small flamingos, which finally readjust our perspective and complete the shot.

You can check out all the entries on our leaderboard. Next week’s theme is ‘Unsafe’. Interested in taking part? Visit our Flickr challenge page to find out more!