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LP Pathfinders: video of the month, August 2016

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Every month we share the best videos from our Pathfinders community. Here are our favourites from August.

This month’s feature is from Macca and Brianna, who have created a beautifully shot video of their recent camping trip in Tofino, Vancouver Island.

An Adventurous World is focused on bringing exciting places to fans through inspiring posts and videos, and we're certainly reaching for our passports with their latest installment – check it out below.

Epic adventures in Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada – A Brit and a Broad

‘Vancouver Island is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places we've ever been to! In this video we go on a hike to reach an abandoned plane crash site, go surfing on Long Beach and try our hand at camping.’

Hats off to Macca and Brianna for capturing some beautiful footage of the rugged coastline and lush forestry while also letting their fun personality shine through. (Don’t worry guys, setting up a tent is never as straightforward as the instructions lead to you to believe!)

There were lots of great video submissions this month, including stunning footage from Fiji, Ireland and Spain in Lily Annenburg’s summer holiday montage and a great video from Local Adventurer documenting how they spent 48 hours in Nashville.

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