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LP Pathfinders: top Instagrams from April 2016


From mountain vistas to misty forecourts and quaint cobbled backstreets, our snap-happy Lonely Planet Pathfinders have let the destinations themselves do the talking in this month’s round-up.

Every month we share the most eye-catching and interesting captures from our Pathfinders community. Here are our selections for April.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A photo posted by BRUN🌎 (@bruno_mb) on

‘Watching the sunset from Sugarloaf Mountain was one of the highlights of our trip to Rio. The way the sunlight illuminates the hills before disappearing behind Corcovado is pure magic. There was even a round of applause once the sun had set!’ - Bruno, @bruno_mb. Why we like it: Perfectly demonstrating the classic rule of thirds and featuring a perfect silhouette of Christ the Redeemer, it’s an inspiring shot (not to mention one that makes us feel all summery!).

Rwenzori National Park, Uganda

‘This shot was taken as we made our way back down from the summit in the pouring rain. You can see the Kopel and Bugata lakes far below us at the end of the ravine.’ - Mike, @nomadic_travels.

Why we like it: Ever found yourself in a part of the world that is on such a large scale, it’s made you feel like an ant? That’s what we’re reminded of when seeing this photo. We like the way the mountains descend into a misty haze in the distance, giving the destination a sense of intrigue. Definitely an adventure we’d like to embark on!

Bordeaux, France

‘As two young students on a budget, we decided to visit Bordeaux and almost expected that we weren't going to like it very much. But the city felt so much younger than we had anticipated and we quickly grew to love the relaxed atmosphere. One of our favourite places to walk in the evening was here, on the Miroir d'Eau (Water Mirror).’ - Lucy and Patrick, @backpackersguidetothegalaxy. Why we like it: The subtle transition of colour from the pale blue sky to the tinge of pink through to the dark silhouetted buildings; it’s another intriguing shot to feature in this month’s round-up.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

A photo posted by TravAgSta! (@senorabubu) on

‘We loved our trip to Český Krumlov on a sunny Easter Sunday; we took this shot while visiting the hilltop castle. Every little crenel in the wall offers a different perspective to the Old Town and this one captures the old medieval church perfectly with an amazing natural frame.’ Jan and Burcu, @senorabubu.

Why we like it: A great photo doesn’t always have to be of a spectacular scene. Sometimes capturing the smaller details makes for a more inspiring shot, just as this post demonstrates. This looks like a window to another world.

Rabat, Malta

‘En route to explore the extensive network of catacombs in the town of Rabat, this dramatically backlit Maltese streetscape caught my eye.’ - Tricia, @triciaamitchell.

Why we like it: There’s no doubting the charm of Mediterranean Europe, and we think this photo captures the essence of it. We like the way the sunlight brings out the colours of this cobbled backstreet and its greenery and depicts a very traditional corner of Malta.

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