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Food travel: what's your favourite destination?

Recently we asked our Twitter followers the question: which destinations have you (or will you) visit primarily for the food? As you would expect, hundreds of foodies replied with their favourite places to get their fill. The clear winner? Italy.

Image by Alaskan Dude

From Italy in number one position, the food lovers' top 10 was mainly a glorious belly-filling trip through Asia and Europe:

1. Italy
2. Thailand
3. Malaysia
4. Singapore
5. Japan
6. India
7. Spain
8. Vietnam
9. China
10. France

Want to see how the cookie crumbled elsewhere? Here is the wordle of all the responses (the larger the destination, the more responses it received):

Get your mouth watering with some of the reasons behind the food choices from our Twitter followers:

@Piperpenny: 'Japan for sushi, Hongkong for dim-sum, Mexico for everything. And my Italy of course: I so miss a real pizza!'

@leasejones: 'Did a road trip to Strasbourg just for Flammekeuche and choucroute! Washed down with Alsatian Riesling of course!'

@homes4holiday: 'Croatia for seafood and olive oil, Israel for the fruit, veg. and spices, Singapore for all the food courts.'

@deadquotation: 'The Kazakhs and Tibetans cook the best damn dumplings - I'd go back just for those.'

@G_DanB: 'Italy, Thailand, Spain & India - Many reasons to visit, but food is a big reason for 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc visits :)'

@fi_hannah: 'Malaysia for the roti and banana lassi, Mexico for fresh fish tacos and France for patisserie. Yum. Amazing!!'

Hungry for more? (sorry, couldn't help ourselves)

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