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Lost in Translation: the winning photo

After combing through over 1200 hilarious, strange and downright inexplicable photos from around the world for our Lost in Translation photo contest on Facebook, we can now reveal the winning photo. It's funny, it's strangely saucy, and something is very clearly lost in translation:

Spicy Grandma? I'd rather not. - Beijing (Photo by John Wilson, UK)

The winning photographer, John Wilson, gave us a little back story on his encounter with Spicy Grandma in Beijing: 'The photo was taken on my iPhone a few days into an 8-month round the world trip I started back in January with my girlfriend. We were just hungry, trying to find somewhere to eat in one of the massive shopping malls. We weren't attracted to the thought of Spicy Grandma for dinner although we did have the fried scorpions. Yummmm.'

John also submitted two other wonderful lost in translation photos from his time in Beijing:

Protect the railings? Fair enough.

Well, which way?

Which way? We can assist. Come this way to take a look at our round-up of the top 20 Lost in Translation photos.

Congratulations to the winner and thanks to everyone that entered!

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