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12 funny 'lost in translation' photos

Have you seen funny mistaken translations on your travels abroad?

In the Lost in Translation photo contest on the Lonely Planet Facebook page, travellers are posting some of their best photos of #epictranslationfail from around the world - and the results are surprising and hilarious. The contest is only a few days in, and already some of the submissions have been creating waves of giggling around the Lonely Planet offices. Here is a sampling of some of the staff favourites so far:

1. Do not give that cow the keys, no matter what it says

Your vehicle. He is not responsible for it. - Photo submitted by Michael H.

2. Don't press that red button

Really? At the lift??? - Photo submitted by Nadx S.

3. Proof that there are lost in translation moments even within the English speaking world

Crosswalk? In London. - Photo submitted by Melia B.

4. Everyone enjoys riding the Norse

Feeling Lucky? (Inner Mongolia-2009) - Photo submitted by Amy H.

5. Kids these days

Get a room! - Photo submitted by Steve W.

6. Wait, this sign doesn't mean 'camel parking'?

The best place to park your camel - Photo submitted by Kate M.

7. Never fear, the anti-fire things are here

Things for anti-fire - Photo submitted by Dave K.

8. This might be a good time to turn around

Should I run or stop??? - Photo submitted by Belén G.

9. Welcome to Obviousville

It's obvious. - Photo submitted by Masdyanna B.

10. Man, it's cold as ice to take Foreigner's luggage.

How I got a new free suitcase over in China... - Photo submitted by Klara U.

11. This has all the makings of a romantic comedy

Coca-Cola way or Pepsi way.....Which one should I take?? (Carmelo, Uruguay) - Photo submitted by Andrea D.

12. Probably best to follow these instructions

What kind of orphans are we talking here? Taken in Nairobi, Kenya - Photo submitted by Jesse O.

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