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Must-haves for the modern tech-savvy traveler

If you're the type of traveler that can't leave home without the latest gadgets to enhance your travel experience, and if having last year's phone would cause you mortal shame, here are three current must-haves for the tech-savvy traveler's kit bag:

1. Nikon CoolPix S1000pj

12.1 megapixels, image stabilization, blink-proof photos, and with an easy-to-carry retro design that will satisfy even the most jaded hipster, the Nikon CoolPix s1000pj has everything a traveler could want in a compact digital camera. But wait, there's more: the S1000pj is also a portable projector that displays images up to 40 in wide on any screen or wall. There's no need to wait until you get home to bore people you barely know with your endless travel snaps, just set up the camera, project, and let the slide show begin!

The Nikon CoolPix S1000pj - camera or chimera?

2. The Lonely Planet iPatch

With the recent advances in augmented reality technology sweeping the mobile phone world, the clever mobile innovation team here at Lonely Planet has come to realize that the best way for travelers today to experience the world around them is directly through their phones. The iPatch is the latest advance in augmented reality designed specifically for the ease of today's tech-savvy traveler. Stylish, compact, hands-free and arrrguably the coolest phone accessory on the market, the iPatch fits all major smart phone brands (iPad 2 adapter clips and smudge guard coming soon).

Tech-savvy traveler tries out the iPatch

3. Word Lens

Every traveler has been confused by signs and menus in other languages at some point in their travels abroad. With Word Lens for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2, you can make sure that you never walk on the grass when you're not supposed to or accidentally order 10 kg of live octopus tentacle ever again. Simply point your phone's camera at a sign or any printed words in another language and Word Lens translates in real-time within the image. If you're using the iPatch with Word Lens, look at the words and the translation is delivered straight to your eagerly awaiting retina. The app itself is free, and comes loaded with demo modes to show off the real-time image alteration technology; language packs are currently US$9.99 and are available in English-Spanish and Spanish-English with more languages to come.

Illustration of the Word Lens translation technology in action

[Photos by Nikon USA, Stephen Mcleod, and Mat Tyrell]