Lonely Planet Writer

76-Second Travel Show: 'President's pants-shaped sandwich'

Chester A Arthur, the USA's 21st president, is rarely thought of. Those that usually dwell at all on the Vermont-born, New York City-lawyer, focus on his remarkable facial hair: a chuffy puff of sideburn connected tenderly by a slightly curled moustache. Chin bare. Nice work CA.

Apparently Arthur saw himself as a real gentleman-type, pronouncing his middle name 'Alan' the French way ('al-AN') and changing pants a few times a day (seriously). He only became president because a goofball shot President James Garfield in 1881, then a series of doctor goofballs probed in non-serious wound with oily fingers.

Two months later he was dead, and Arthur was awakened in his New York City home, where he took the oath as president.

His home, though historic, has been the site of New York's favorite Indian spice shop Kalustyan's since 1944. If you go, take the stairs to Arthur's old bedroom, more or less, and order a 'Charles A Arthur' sandwich. You'll like what you get.


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