Bermuda National Trust Museum

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Bermuda played a pivotal role in the US Civil War by running war supplies through Union blockades, partly due to Confederate sympathies, but mostly due to the lucrative nature of this dangerous venture, which turned St George's into a boomtown. The former Globe Hotel was the headquarters of Confederate agent Major Norman Walker, who coordinated the blockade running and the thorough Rogues & Runners exhibition tells the story of wartime intrigues using entertaining displays.

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1. St Peter's Church

0.03 MILES

Rebuilt in stone in 1713 on the site of Bermuda's earliest church, St Peter's is the oldest Protestant church in the New World and the elaborately carved…

2. King's Square

0.03 MILES

Right in front of the Market Wharf, King's Sq is St George's hub. It is fronted by the handsome Town Hall, furnished in cedar. Opposite are the palmetto…

3. State House

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Built in 1622, the State House is Bermuda's first ever stone building, and in its various incarnations it has been the home of the world's second-oldest…

4. Deliverance

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Sitting pretty by the market wharf in the center of St George's town, the Deliverance is a lifesize replica of the original ship – one of two built by the…

5. Somers Garden

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With its beautifully kept lawns and flowerbeds, this palm-shaded park in the center of St George's is a tranquil space. The park is named after Sir George…

6. Bermudian Heritage Museum

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Part of Bermuda's African Diaspora Trail and staffed by volunteers, this museum commemorates the island's black heritage, with notable politicians,…

7. Unfinished Church

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Construction of this rather impressive Victorian Gothic church began in 1874 to replace St Peter's Church, several blocks away, but funds ran out and the…

8. World Heritage Centre

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This cannon-flanked museum walks you through through the history of St George's, with dioramas and displays on Bermuda's role in the Revolutionary Wars…