Belarus in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €60

  • Dorm bed: €9
  • Stolovaya (cafeteria) meal: €4
  • Minsk metro or bus ticket: €0.25
  • Beer: €1

Midrange: €60–150

  • Double room in a hotel: €50
  • Admission to museums: €4
  • Short taxi ride: €2
  • Lunch and dinner: €20

Top end: €150–300

  • Daily rate for private car with driver: €100–150
  • Business-standard hotel room: €100–220
  • Three-course meal: €30–50
  • Nightclub entrance: €10


Belarusian rouble (BYN)


Not really practised in Belarus, the exception being unmetered taxi drivers, with whom you should bargain vigorously.


ATMs are the best way to obtain Belarusian roubles (BYN). The country lopped four zeros off the currency in July 2016 (ie BYN10,000 became BYN1).

Exchange Rates

Euro zone€1BYN2.45
New ZealandNZ$1BYN1.45

For current exchange rates, see


  • Restaurants A small tip of 5% to 10% is appropriate; service charges are usually not included in the bill.
  • Taxis Metered-taxi drivers and those who don't overcharge should be rewarded with a rouble or so.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely used for payment in Minsk and other cities, but are unlikely to be accepted in rural areas.

Changing Money

  • Most banks and higher-end hotels have currency-exchange facilities.
  • Ensure you change any remaining roubles before leaving Belarus, as the currency can be difficult to exchange outside the country.