Nyasvizh Castle

Top choice in Belarus

Over a causeway leading away from the town with lovely lakes on either side lies this palace-like castle and park complex. Erected by the Radziwill family in 1583, it has been rebuilt and restored often over the centuries and encompasses many styles. In Soviet times it was turned into a sanatorium, but it has been fully restored in recent years and is looking superb.

With more than 30 fully refurbished state rooms, a very impressive inner courtyard and clearly labelled displays, you can easily spend a couple of hours looking around. The hunting trophies room is well worth the price of entry alone.

When you arrive you can buy your ticket at the information centre by the entrance to the causeway, or cross the causeway and purchase your ticket at the castle proper.

The complex is full of street food vendors, so you can easily gather supplies for a picnic in the expansive park surrounding the castle. The park is perfect for cycling; rent bikes outside the castle entrance for BYN3 per hour.

Email way ahead if you want an English-speaking tour guide for the 1½-hour excursions that are operated out of the information centre.

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