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Mir Castle

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The 16th-century Mir Castle, reflected magnificently in an adjoining pond, resembles something straight out of Disney. A recent renovation has the place looking simply lovely, with gorgeous grounds and impressively restored interiors that have been converted into a museum with beautifully done displays on the life and times of the Radziwills. Definitely splash out for the audioguide, which offers fascinating descriptions of more than 120 items.

The interiors of some rooms have been recreated, and though it's clear that these were not the Romanovs, there's plenty of period furniture, armour and hunting trophies to gawk at. Photos and English-language placards bring Mir's turbulent history to life, and there are some displays on the town's interesting Jewish history.

The place is busy at weekends, when rousing classical music is pumped into the castle's courtyard to stir your patriotism. It's quiet during the week.

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