Vul Kastrychnitskaya

Top choice in Minsk

Vul Kastrychnitskaya – still known by its Soviet name, ulitsa Oktyabrskaya – has blossomed into Minsk's unofficial arts district. Brazilian street artists have spray-painted brilliant murals on the giant facades of the street's apartment blocks, warehouses and factories, many of which now house event spaces, galleries and hipster cafes. President Lukashenko has allowed creative expression to flourish here with the expectation that it not spread to other parts of the capital, which remain sanitised and generally free of street art.

The district exudes a refreshing counterculture spirit and is one of the few places where you'll hear locals speaking Belarusian and/or talking about politics. Food-truck culture has taken root here and drinking on the street on any given evening is de rigueur.