Starkenberger Biermythos


Housed in a medieval castle, this 200-year-old brewery sits 3km north of Imst in Tarrenz. A visit dashes through the brewing process and includes a beer tasting. If you can’t get enough of the stuff, you can even bathe in it by calling ahead – it does wonders for the complexion, apparently.

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1. Haus der Fasnacht

1.28 MILES

Every four years, Imst plays host to a Shrovetide festival, the Unesco-listed Schemenlaufen (ghost dance); the next takes place on 9 February 2020. The…

2. Rosengartenschlucht

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5. Stanz

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This small open-air museum cleverly brings to life the Neolithic world of Ötzi, the ice man. A visit takes in traditional thatched huts, herb gardens,…

8. Stuibenfall

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From Ötzi Dorf, it’s a beautiful 20-minute forest walk to Tyrol’s longest waterfall, the wispy Stuibenfall, cascading 159m over slate cliffs and moss…