This clock tower perched on the southern edge of Schlossberg is the city's emblem. Its present form dates back to the 1560s, and it is so beloved that the townsfolk of Graz paid Napoleon a ransom of 2987 florins and 11 farthings to spare it during his 1809 invasion.

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Nearby Graz attractions

1. Grazmuseum


This small museum has a permanent collection featuring objects from city history, complemented by changing exhibitions. Check the website for what's…

2. Museum für Geschichte

0.12 MILES

The Museum of History is housed inside the baroque Palais Herberstein, which has an elegant staircase dating from 1757 and stately rooms. Exhibits in the…

3. Volkskundemuseum

0.15 MILES

The Folk Life Museum is devoted to folk art and social history. Highlights include 2000 years of traditional clothing in an exhibition that brings…

4. Murinsel

0.15 MILES

Murinsel is a constructed island-cum-bridge of metal and plastic in the middle of the Mur. This modern floating landmark contains a cafe, a kids'…

5. Schlossberg

0.17 MILES

Rising to 473m, Schlossberg is the site of the original fortress where Graz was founded and is marked by the city's most visible icon – the Uhrturm. Its…

6. Burg

0.21 MILES

Graz’ 15th-century Burg today houses government offices. At the far end of the courtyard, on the left under the arch, is an ingenious double staircase …

7. Mariahilfkirche

0.22 MILES

This parish church with a handsome baroque facade and Renaissance nave was a popular pilgrimage site for many centuries.

8. Franziskaner Kirche

0.23 MILES

This church and monastery was founded by the Franciscan order in 1239. Its 14th-century chancel was rebuilt in a contemporary style after being gutted by…