This historic building contains a number of museums, including the Neue Galerie Graz and the Naturkundemuseum, along with a couple of recently redesigned public spaces that are used for summer events.

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1. Naturkundemuseum

0.01 MILES

Located inside the Joanneumsviertel complex of museums, the Museum of Natural History has an excellent section on geology, with an interesting collection…

2. Neue Galerie Graz

0.01 MILES

The Neue Galerie is the crowning glory of the three museums inside the Joanneumsviertel complex. The collection of works on level 0 is the highlight,…

3. Landeszeughaus

0.13 MILES

If you have a passion for armour and weapons, you'll especially enjoy the Landeszeughaus, where more than 30,000 pieces of glistening weaponry are housed…

4. Stadtpfarrkirche

0.15 MILES

Rising up on Herrengasse between the main square and Jakominiplatz, the town parish church stands out for its attractive baroque exterior. Inside, the…

5. Franziskaner Kirche

0.17 MILES

This church and monastery was founded by the Franciscan order in 1239. Its 14th-century chancel was rebuilt in a contemporary style after being gutted by…

6. Kunsthaus Graz

0.25 MILES

Designed by British architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, this world-class contemporary-art space is known as the 'friendly alien' by locals. The…

7. Museum für Geschichte

0.25 MILES

The Museum of History is housed inside the baroque Palais Herberstein, which has an elegant staircase dating from 1757 and stately rooms. Exhibits in the…

8. Grazmuseum

0.29 MILES

This small museum has a permanent collection featuring objects from city history, complemented by changing exhibitions. Check the website for what's…