Mural Harbour


Street art comes into its own on the graffiti-blasted industrial facades in Linz' harbourside Hafenviertel. You'll find eye-catching, larger-than-life works from the likes of Roa (Belgium), Lords (USA), Aryz (Spain) and a host of Austrian artists. For more insider info, join one of the regular walks, workshops or cruises; combination tours include stencil and spray-can classes (you can also take classes separately). Visit the website for times and dates.

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Nearby Linz attractions

1. Landesgalerie

0.97 MILES

Housed in a sumptuous late-19th-century building, the Landesgalerie focuses on 20th- and 21st-century paintings, photography and installations. The…

2. Donaupark

0.99 MILES

Next to Lentos on the southern bank of the Danube is the Donaupark, the city’s green escape vault. Modern sculptures rise above the bushes in the well…

3. Lentos

1.18 MILES

Overlooking the Danube, the rectangular glass-and-steel Lentos is strikingly illuminated by night. The gallery guards one of Austria's finest modern-art…

4. Alter Dom

1.26 MILES

The twin towers of this late-17th-century cathedral dominate Linz’ skyline. With its stuccowork, pink-marble altar and gilt pillars, the interior is…

5. Kepler Salon

1.26 MILES

The great astronomer, mathematician and astrologer Johannes Kepler lived here while he completed the groundbreaking Rudolphine Tables. The house now…

6. Ursulinenkirche

1.26 MILES

This baroque, twin-domed church was a former nunnery and features altar paintings by the prolific Martin Altomonte.

7. Zahnmuseum

1.29 MILES

If you're terrified of the whine of the dentist's drill, this is one museum guaranteed to set your teeth on edge. On display are items spanning 300 years…

8. Hauptplatz

1.31 MILES

Street performers entertain the crowds, trams rumble past and locals relax in pavement cafes on the city's centrepiece square, framed by ornate baroque…