Wels’ main square is framed by slender townhouses, many of which conceal arcaded inner courtyards. Particularly attractive is the ivy-clad courtyard at No 18, nurturing palms, rhododendrons and Japanese umbrella trees. At the front, glance up to spy the 2000-year-old Römermedallion (Roman medallion) relief.

Nearby at No 24, the Renaissance Haus der Salome Alt sports a trompe l’oeil facade and takes its name from one-time occupant Salome Alt, mistress of Salzburg’s most famous prince-archbishop, Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau.

The stout Ledererturm (Tanner’s Tower), built in 1326, overshadows the western end of Stadtplatz and is the last remnant of the town’s fortifications.