Must see attractions in Linz

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    Ars Electronica Center

    The technology, science and digital media of the future are in the spotlight at Linz' biggest crowd-puller. In the labs you can interact with robots,…

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    Overlooking the Danube, the rectangular glass-and-steel Lentos is strikingly illuminated by night. The gallery guards one of Austria's finest modern-art…

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    Also known as the Neuer Dom, this neo-Gothic giant of a cathedral lifts your gaze to its riot of pinnacles, flying buttresses and filigree-traceried…

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    Mural Harbour

    Street art comes into its own on the graffiti-blasted industrial facades in Linz' harbourside Hafenviertel. You'll find eye-catching, larger-than-life…

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    Linz spreads out beneath you atop Pöstlingberg (537m), a precipitous 20- to 30-minute ride aboard the narrow-gauge Pöstlingbergbahn from the Hauptplatz…

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    Housed in a sumptuous late-19th-century building, the Landesgalerie focuses on 20th- and 21st-century paintings, photography and installations. The…

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    Romans, Habsburg emperors, fire – Linz' castle has seen the lot. Enjoy the panoramic city views before delving into its museum's trove of treasures,…

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    Street performers entertain the crowds, trams rumble past and locals relax in pavement cafes on the city's centrepiece square, framed by ornate baroque…

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    Kepler Salon

    The great astronomer, mathematician and astrologer Johannes Kepler lived here while he completed the groundbreaking Rudolphine Tables. The house now…

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    If you're terrified of the whine of the dentist's drill, this is one museum guaranteed to set your teeth on edge. On display are items spanning 300 years…

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    Next to Lentos on the southern bank of the Danube is the Donaupark, the city’s green escape vault. Modern sculptures rise above the bushes in the well…

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    Botanischer Garten

    These peaceful botanical gardens, 1.7km southwest of the centre, nurture 10,000 species, from native alpine plants to orchids, rhododendrons, tropical…

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    At the summit of Pöstlingberg is the turn-of-the-century Grottenbahn, where families – and anyone that loves a bit of cult kitsch – can board the dragon…

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    Alter Dom

    The twin towers of this late-17th-century cathedral dominate Linz’ skyline. With its stuccowork, pink-marble altar and gilt pillars, the interior is…

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    One of Austria’s oldest churches, Martinskirche was first mentioned in 799. Inside are Roman inscriptions and a kiln, and a painting believed to date from…

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    This ornate baroque bishop’s residence was built between 1721 and 1726 by Michael Pruckmayr following designs by Jakob Prandtauer, who also made his mark…

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    This striking Renaissance former convent, with a trio of interlinking courtyards, is now the seat of Upper Austrian parliament and government. The bronze…

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    Founded in 1236 and redesigned in rococo style with delicate pink stucco, this church contains altar paintings by Bartolomeo Altomonte.

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    This baroque, twin-domed church was a former nunnery and features altar paintings by the prolific Martin Altomonte.