Romans, Habsburg emperors, fire – Linz' castle has seen the lot. Enjoy the panoramic city views before delving into its museum's trove of treasures, gathered from abbeys and palaces over the centuries. The collection skips through art, archaeology, historical weapons and instruments, technology and folklore. The Gothic ecclesiastical paintings are a real highlight.

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1. Martinskirche

0.12 MILES

One of Austria’s oldest churches, Martinskirche was first mentioned in 799. Inside are Roman inscriptions and a kiln, and a painting believed to date from…

2. Landhaus

0.15 MILES

This striking Renaissance former convent, with a trio of interlinking courtyards, is now the seat of Upper Austrian parliament and government. The bronze…

3. Minoritenkirche


Founded in 1236 and redesigned in rococo style with delicate pink stucco, this church contains altar paintings by Bartolomeo Altomonte.

4. Hauptplatz

0.21 MILES

Street performers entertain the crowds, trams rumble past and locals relax in pavement cafes on the city's centrepiece square, framed by ornate baroque…

5. Zahnmuseum

0.22 MILES

If you're terrified of the whine of the dentist's drill, this is one museum guaranteed to set your teeth on edge. On display are items spanning 300 years…

6. Kepler Salon

0.26 MILES

The great astronomer, mathematician and astrologer Johannes Kepler lived here while he completed the groundbreaking Rudolphine Tables. The house now…

7. Alter Dom

0.28 MILES

The twin towers of this late-17th-century cathedral dominate Linz’ skyline. With its stuccowork, pink-marble altar and gilt pillars, the interior is…

8. Ars Electronica Center

0.32 MILES

The technology, science and digital media of the future are in the spotlight at Linz' biggest crowd-puller. In the labs you can interact with robots,…