Yeddonba Aboriginal Cultural Site

Victorian High Country

Located within the heart of the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park – around 20km north of Beechworth – this 40-minute trail traverses a rocky and scrubby hillside and wooden boardwalks to reach a viewing platform sheltering three centuries-old Aboriginal cave paintings. The faint red ochre representations of a snake, goanna and thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) are sacred to the Dhudhuroa people, the dominant Indigenous clan of the area around Beechworth. Note the rocky track can be slippery after rain.

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1. Lake View House

6.98 MILES

This was the home of local author Ethel Florence Richardson (better known by her pen name Henry Handel Richardson), who wrote about life here in the book…

2. Golden Horseshoes Monument

7.05 MILES

The Golden Horseshoes Monument is where, in 1855, a horse was shod with golden shoes and ridden into town by candidate Donald Cameron on the nomination…

3. Federal Standard Printing Works

7.16 MILES

Only open one day a month, this National Trust–run museum displays still-operational century-old printing-press machines dating from the gold-rush-era…

4. Chiltern Athenaeum


Housed in the former historic town hall and library (1866) is this fantastic museum loaded with fascinating exhibits of yesteryear and local stories…

5. Dow’s Pharmacy

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A chemist from 1859 to 1968, Dow’s Pharmacy is perfectly preserved and displays lotions and potions from the early days. It's looked after by the National…

6. Star Hotel Museum & Theatre

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Once used for plays and dances, this historical theatre was the centrepiece of Chiltern’s social and cultural life. Its museum is rarely open these days …

7. Billson's Brewery

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In late 2018 the 1865-vintage Billson's Brewery was rejuvenated and reopened to incorporate a tasting room for Billson's iconic cordials, lemonades and…

8. Burke Museum

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Dating from 1857, when it was the Beechworth Athenaeum, this is one of Australia's oldest museums. It was renamed in 1861 in tribute to the famous…