Red Bridge

Midlands & Central Highlands

The Midland Hwy trundles right over this 1838 convict-built bridge – Australia’s oldest brick bridge – across the Elizabeth River. Locals call it the Red Bridge because it was built from more than 1.5 million red bricks, baked on-site. The best viewing is from the adjacent metal footbridge on the eastern side.

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Nearby Midlands & Central Highlands attractions

1. Campbell Town Inn

0.28 MILES

The 1840 Campbell Town Inn has been converted into an antiques shop, but its solid-stone bones remain.

2. Grange

0.36 MILES

This noble 1847 mansion, set back a dignified distance from the main street, is now used as a conference centre.

3. Campbell Town Museum

0.42 MILES

This curio-strewn, volunteer-run museum features histories of characters such as John Batman, the founder of Melbourne, and local bushranger Martin Cash…

4. Old School

0.47 MILES

The still-scholarly-looking 1878 old school sits in the grounds of Campbell Town's current school. Not open for visits.

5. St Luke’s Church of England


The squat-topped St Luke’s Church of England dates from 1835. Consult the website for an exhaustive history of the organ here.

7. Scotch Thistle Inn

6.67 MILES

The Scotch Thistle Inn was built in the early 1830s but is a pub no more (it's now an accommodation business). It's still worth a look as you wander along…

8. Barracks

6.75 MILES

The 1830 barracks near the bridge – recently restored by the National Trust and now a private residence – is one of the many notable historic edifices…