About 7km southwest of Lyndoch, the Barossa Reservoir dam (built 1899–1902) is better known as the Whispering Wall. The huge concrete curve has amazing acoustics: whispers at one end of the wall can be heard clearly 150m away at the other. The perfect spot to propose?

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1. Para Wirra Recreation Park

3.84 MILES

In the northern Mt Lofty Ranges, a 20km hook south of Lyndoch, Para Wirra offers over 14 sq km laced with walking tracks, scenic drives, barbecues,…

2. Lyndoch Lavender Farm

4.11 MILES

What's that smell? Oh, it's coming from those big purple fields! Lyndoch Lavender Farm is a working producer of sweet-smelling stuff – oils, lotions, tea,…

3. Jacob's Creek


Jacob's Creek is probably the biggest international exporter of Australian wine – you'll find their bottles everywhere from London to Toronto. HQ is just…

4. Warren Conservation Park

7.46 MILES

Explore 363 tranquil hectares of wattles, banksias and spring heaths, plus pink, blue and statuesque river red gums. Steep tracks for experienced hikers…

5. Keg Factory

8.59 MILES

Watch honest-to-goodness coopers make and repair wine barrels, 4km south of town. Amazing! If you want to roll one home, kegs start at $325.

6. St Hallett

8.62 MILES

Using only Barossa grapes, reliable St Hallett produces reasonably priced but consistently good whites (try the Poacher’s Blend) and the excellent Old…

7. Rockford Wines

9.08 MILES

One of our favourite boutique Barossa wineries (OK, so it is our favourite), this 1850s cellar door sells traditionally made, small-range wines, including…

8. Barossa Museum

10.33 MILES

Inside this 1856 post office building are displays of bone-handled cutlery, butter-making gear, photos of top…