Adelaide Park Lands

The city centre and upmarket North Adelaide are surrounded by a broad band of parkland. Colonel William Light, Adelaide’s controversial planner, came up with the concept, which has been both a blessing and a curse for the city. Pros: heaps of green space, clean air and playgrounds for the kids. Cons: bone dry in summer, loitering perverts and a sense that the city is cut off from its suburbs.

Don’t miss the playgrounds and Adelaide-Himeji Garden on South Tce, and the statue of Colonel William Light overlooking the Adelaide Oval and city office towers from Montefiore Hill.

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Nearby Adelaide attractions

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0.31 MILES

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3. Adelaide Botanic Gardens

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6. Mall's Balls

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Check out the infamous and very shiny Mall’s Balls sculpture in Rundle Mall (real name Spheres, by sculptor Burt Flugelman).

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