Ravensbourne National Park

National Park in Crows Nest

Situated around 27km southeast of Crows Nest, Ravensbourne National Park is worth the drive for its soothing walking tracks, not to mention the spectacular view from its Gus Beutel lookout, located at the southern end of the park. It's an epic panorama that takes in the ranges towards Brisbane, the Lockyer Valley and the Scenic Rim. The road leading to the lookout passes the Blackbean day-use area, from where a track leads to numerous walking trails, including the evocative Rainforest Circuit (1.7km).

The circuit reveals the remains of yam-digging sites used by indigenous people. Indeed, Ravensbourne was well frequented by Aboriginal Australians, who would travel west through the forest on their way to the Bunya Mountains, the site of important festivals celebrating the prized bunya nut. For more information on the park, stop by the Hampton Visitor Information Centre on your way.