Crows Nest Village Markets

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Crafty monthly local markets with local wares, produce, wines and a BBQ to boot.

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1. Crows Nest Regional Art Gallery

0.08 MILES

Inside the Shire Council building, this tiny gallery hosts rotating exhibitions of mostly modern and contemporary art by local and non-local artists, both…

2. Crows Nest Museum & Historical Village


Like a rustic Tardis, this labour of love catapults visitors back to hardier rural times. Its 20-plus buildings – packed with memorabilia – include a…

3. Crows Nest National Park

3.93 MILES

About 6km east of town, wallaby-dotted Crows Nest National Park harbours a cascading waterfall (rain dependent) and eucalypt forest punctuated by craggy…

4. Ravensbourne National Park

10.97 MILES

Situated around 27km southeast of Crows Nest, Ravensbourne National Park is worth the drive for its soothing walking tracks, not to mention the…

5. Cobb & Co Museum

21.04 MILES

This engaging museum houses Australia's finest collection of horse-drawn vehicles, including beautiful 19th-century Cobb & Co Royal Mail coaches and an…

6. Queens Park and Botanic Gardens

21.17 MILES

Toowoomba's showpiece swathe of green – technically two parks in one – is a blaze of colour in the spring and autumn. Graced with parterre gardens, neat…

7. First Coat Studios

21.34 MILES

Run by young local artists Grace Dewar and Ian McCallum, street-smart First Coat Studios wears a number of caps – dual gallery space, co-working artists…

8. Triple Portrait Mural

21.36 MILES

Inspired by David Bowie, this triple portrait is the work of Adelaide-based artist Lisa King.