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Broken Hill

The massive mullock heap (of mine residue) that forms a backdrop for Broken Hill's town centre accentuates the unique character of this desert frontier town. For all its remoteness, the fine facilities and high-quality attractions can feel like an oasis somewhere close to the end of the earth. Some of the state's most impressive national parks are nearby, as is an intriguing near-ghost town, and everywhere there is an impressive spirit of community and creativity.

Joining 102 other sites (including the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef), Broken Hill's exemplary historic value was recognised in 2015 when it was included on the National Heritage List. As the first Australian city to be included on the list, Broken Hill was recognised as an exceptional place contributing to the country's national identity.

The area around Broken Hill and nearby Silverton is the traditional homeland of the Wilyakali people.

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