Natural Pool

Top choice natural feature in Arikok National Wildlife Park

Image by Matt Grimaldi Shutterstock

Fantastic. The powerful wave action has worn a natural depression into the limestone coastal ridge. The surrounding rocks break the surf so – with waves crashing all around – you can take a peaceful, cooling dip. Bring your mask and snorkel and commune with the fish who are hiding out in there. You'll want water shoes for the sharp rocks.

The road to the Natural Pool is not passable with a regular car. You can reach it by 4WD or – better – a 3.5-mile walk from the visitors center. The scenery is stunning, but the journey is hot and windy. Bring plenty of water and start early. Along the way, you'll reach the summit of Sero Arikok, the Aruba's second-highest peak, yielding marvelous views of the coast and the island.