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Stay on a private island for free to work on your creative projects

If you have a brilliant creative idea and think you could really use some silence and solitude to work on it, then there’s an island in Sweden that is waiting just for you.

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Ideas Island is the perfect place to retreat to and let your creativity flow. Image courtesy of Ideas Island

Ideas Island is a private island off the coast of Stockholm owned by the author and keynote speaker Fredrik Härén – and during the summer months, the island is open to host creatives looking to work on their ideas surrounded by the peace and quiet of trees and sea. Each creative can bring up to five friends with them on the island, and stay for a week – longer if you can convince Härén that your project needs more time to turn into a true masterpiece.

How much does it cost, you wonder? Well, it’s free. Härén encourages his guests to donate to a charity while they’re staying on the island, but the donation is completely voluntary. You pay for your travel to Stockholm and the food to last you a week, but other than that you can stay in the typical Swedish summer house on the island free of charge.

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The small summer house on the island can host up to six people. Image courtesy of Ideas Island

“We want to create an environment that helps to bring some great ideas to life,” it reads on Ideas Island’s website. “And we all know that truly great ideas come when we are in solitude, when we are relaxed, when we are close to nature and when we feel in tune with the universe.”

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The island is 7 sq km wide, perfect for completely immersing yourself in nature. Image courtesy of Ideas Island

Ideas Island is open to guests from May to September, and while applications for this summer are closed, the ones for next summer are very much open! All you have to do is fill in this form with a bit about yourself and the project you’d like to work on and then wait until around February or March when the selected applicants will be announced.