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Today's cocktail hails from Tasmania, Australia – Tasmanian Bushwalker's rum hot chocolate. 

What is it? 

After hiking endless miles through frozen knee-deep mud at the end of the earth, this steaming mug of hot chocolate laced with rum is your reward. 


Australia’s wildest state has a long association with rum, dating from early colonial days when it passed as de facto currency. Since the late 1800s when explorer Henry Judd popularized hiking in Tasmania’s wilderness, generations of bushwalkers have fortified themselves with this warming drink. Nowadays chocolate powder replaces the original cocoa, and milk powder is favored over condensed milk. 

You'll need (Serves 1) 

1 billy of water (a billy is a cylindrical pot used to boil water on a stove or fire) 
3 sporks premium Italian chocolate powder (a spork is a popular bushwalking utensil combining both spoon and fork, equivalent to approx. 1 tbsp) 
3 sporks (3 tbsp) milk powder 
1 capful dark, underproof rum (locals prefer Bundaberg, for its lightweight plastic flask, but any rum will do)


Step 1: Boil the billy of water over a stove or open fire. 
Step 2: Add equal measures of chocolate and milk powders to your mug. You may need to adjust quantities depending on mug size. 
Step 3: Add boiled water and mix thoroughly with your spork to avoid clumping. 
Step 4: Add the rum and adjust to taste – a second capful may be added, for medicinal reasons of course. 
Step 5: Hold mug in both hands close to face and sip. 

Tasting notes

It’s getting dark, blowing a gale and you’re soaked through as you finally reach the hut. Inside, your breath ghosts across the room and your head torch makes crazy shadows as you strip off, leaving puddles on the floor. Your mate cranks up the stove. By the time you’re in dry clothes, they thrust a steaming mug into your hands. The seductive aroma of chocolate and alcohol caresses your senses. It’s way too hot but you take a big gulp, scorch your mouth and fall into a blissful coma. While best enjoyed in a cozy mountain hut, you can also make this at home. Just stand under a cold shower first.

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