Hotel chain creates a unique travelling global art exhibition

Often when travelling, a hotel proves to be much more than just a place to rest your head, with dynamic places all over the world now offering unique experiences to guests. The latest case in point is the Peninsula Hotels, who have just unveiled a travelling contemporary global art exhibition.

Art Installation Alizarin Part Of Art In Resonance Located In The Peninsula Hong Kong's Lobby
Art Installation Alizarin in the Peninsula Hong Kong's Lobby. Image by Simon J Nicol

Called Art in Resonance, the project has just launched at the flagship hotel in Hong Kong, and will be on display until June 2019. Following that the collection (plus some new additional works) will go on to the Peninsula Paris. It will then travel to the Peninsula’s ten locations and hotels under development in cities such as London, Istanbul and Yangon.

Close-Up Of Janet Echelman's Earthtime 1.26 At The Peninsula Hong Kong
Close-up of Janet Echelman's Earthtime 1.26 at The Peninsula Hong Kong. Image by Simon J Nicol

The three-year commissioning programme was curated by Bettina Prentice and Isolde Brielmaier, and encourages travellers to personally interact with original works by diverse artists. The exhibition includes an ethereal hanging sculpture in the public forecourt of the hotel by Janet Echelman, while Ivan Navarro has created a striking piece from neon and mirror. The lobby includes a series of fabric-covered furnishings by Timothy Paul Myers, while Chinese collective Minax Studio have constructed an experiential room with multi-sensory layers where each guest can dine on a special menu. Each piece is created to be actively experienced by viewers who engage with them in different ways.

Travel News - Private dining experience for up to four people in art installation The Wonder Room (Photo credit Simon J Nicol)
Private dining experience for up to four people inside the art installation The Wonder Room.

“Our great hope is that this multi-year programme will engage guests and the local public in a way that will bring a smile to everyone’s face,” said Peter Borer, chief operating officer, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, owner and operator of the Peninsula Hotels. “We not only want to provide artists with a platform to exhibit, but we want to commission original pieces to support working artists and ensure the health of the cultural ecosystem within each of the hotels’ local communities.” The programming will also include artist talks, studio visits and panel discussions with leading artists, creatives and thinkers.

The Peninsula Hong Kong will also offer a zen-inspired private dining experience, served within Zhi-gang Lu’s art piece The Wonder Room. Crafted using meticulous woodworking techniques, the egg-shaped structure is a modern take on the traditional Chinese teahouse, and is designed to help all who enter quieten their minds and reconnect with themselves.

Travel News - Artist Iván Navarro in Studio (Photo credit Iván Navarro)
Artist Iván Navarro in studio. Image by Iván Navarro

The Peninsula Hotels is already known for supporting local art through its ‘Artist in Residence’ programme; which was designed to support emerging artists, while also providing guests access to unique pieces based on local cultures.

More information on Art in Resonance is available at the official website.