Plaza Lavalle

Buenos Aires

Just northwest of the Obelisco is Plaza Lavalle, three blocks of parks (popular with office workers on their lunch break) surrounded by some important buildings. The most worthwhile sights here are the Teatro Colón and the Teatro Nacional Cervantes, but there's also the neoclassical Escuela Presidente Roca, an educational facility that's often mistaken for Teatro Colón, and across from it, the French-style Palacio de Justicia (1904) housing the Supreme Court.

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1. Teatro Colón

0.09 MILES

Occupying an entire city block, this impressive seven-story theater is one of BA’s most prominent landmarks. It’s the city’s main performing arts venue,…

2. Escuela Presidente Roca

0.09 MILES

Inaugurated in 1903, this neoclassical, temple-like building with gray, granite columns is actually a public primary school.

3. Palacio de Justicia


Occupying an entire city block overlooking leafy Plaza Lavalle, this beautiful beaux-arts structure is home to the Supreme Court, and was built in stages…

4. Templo Libertad


Located at the at the northeastern end of Plaza Lavalle, Argentina’s oldest and largest synagogue can be identified by the Jewish symbols that adorn the…

5. Museo Judío de Buenos Aires


Jewish symbols adorn the facade of the Templo Libertad, Argentina’s oldest and largest synagogue, located at the northeastern end of Plaza Lavalle…

6. Museo Nacional del Teatro

0.14 MILES

This tiny museum traces Argentine theater from its colonial beginnings, stressing the 19th-century contributions of the Podestá family – Italian…

7. Teatro Nacional Cervantes

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From the grand tiled lobby to the red-and-gold-hued main theater, you can smell the long history of the ornately decorated Cervantes. Though it's…

8. Obelisco

0.25 MILES

One of the city's most iconic monuments is the needle-like Obelisco, soaring 67m above the oval Plaza de la República on busy Av 9 de Julio. It was…