Palacio Barolo

Top choice notable building in Congreso & Tribunales

One of Buenos Aires' most beautiful buildings is this 22-story office block, whose unique design was inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy; its height (100m) is a reference to each canto (or song), the number of floors (22) to verses per song, and its divided structure to hell, purgatory and heaven. To see Palacio Barolo you'll need to book a guided tour, during which you'll get to ride in the 1920s elevator and admire the panoramic views from the rooftop lighthouse.

Completed in 1923, Palacio Barolo was BA’s tallest skyscraper until the construction of Edificio Kavanagh in 1936. In Montevideo, Uruguay is Palacio Barolo's 'twin,' the Palacio Salvo, a similar building that was also designed by the architect Mario Palanti. Night tours, including musical recitals and wine tastings, are also available; see the website for details.