Shoal Bay East

Top choice in Anguilla

Idyllic Shoal Bay East – a shimmering 2-mile stretch of brilliant pinkish-white sand strewn with tiny crushed shells – is still miraculously blight-free. There's a handful of small-scale resorts and villas as well as a string of laid-back beach bars along the sand, but it's surprisingly quiet, even in high season. Bring your snorkeling gear (or rent some on-site), as the glassy turquoise waters are perfect for underwater observation.

The more idyllic end is the western (lower) half between Zemi Beach House and Tropical Sunset. If you want more action, head to the eastern part right by Uncle Ernie's.

By the way, don't confuse this beach with Shoal Bay West at the opposite end of the island, which is somewhat less spectacular. Also, when locals talk about Shoal Bay, they are referring to Shoal Bay East.