Sandy Island

Top choice in Anguilla

A trip to this tiny solar-powered islet is the quintessential Anguilla dream experience. Picture pure white-sand beach fringed by palm trees, translucent waters for snorkeling amid the turtle- and grouper-filled coral. The on-site restaurant runs hourly boat shuttles from the second pier in Sandy Ground and cooks up delicious barbecued lobster, chicken, ribs and other tasties. The bar serves island-inspired cocktails including potent JoJo rum punch. Buy tickets at the office in Sandy Ground (reservations requested but not necessary).

The ride is about 10 minutes but the captain often slows down the boat in the bay to point out sea turtles coming up for air. Food is only served from noon to 3pm, so it's best to order as soon as you get to the island since it takes the tiny crew a while to cook. Staff also rents sun loungers (US$5 with lunch, US$10 without) but no snorkeling gear. If needed, pick some up at Scuba Shack in Sandy Ground.

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