View of Vatican gardens on a sunny summer day. The square garden with green lawn, benches and trees

Renata Tyburczy

Vatican Gardens

Top choice in Vatican City, Borgo & Prati

Why you should go

The Vatican stands atop the low-lying Vatican hill, just west of the Tiber. Much of its 109 acres are covered by the perfectly manicured Vatican Gardens.

Spend an afternoon meandering the garden's many fortifications, grottoes, monuments, fountains, and even a tiny heliport and train station.

Tickets and other practicalities

Visits are by guided tour only – either on foot (2 hours) or by open-air bus (45 minutes) – for which you’ll need to book at least a week in advance.

After the tour you're free to visit the Vatican Museums on your own; admission is included in the ticket price. Check the museum's website for various tours and pricing options.




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