Named for Civil War general James B McPherson, who once commanded the Army of Tennessee, this square sports an 1876 statue of McPherson on his horse. Homeless people often cluster here.

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1. K Street

0.14 MILES

The descriptors ‘K St’ and ‘lobbyist’ have practically become synonymous since the 1990s. This is where high-powered lawyers, consultants and, of course,…

2. St John’s Church

0.15 MILES

St John’s isn’t DC’s most imposing church, but it is arguably its most important. That’s because it’s the ‘Church of the Presidents’ – every president…

3. Lafayette Square

0.21 MILES

The land north of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave was originally deeded as part of the White House grounds. However, in 1804 President Thomas Jefferson decided to…

4. Decatur House

0.26 MILES

Designed in 1818 by Benjamin Latrobe for naval hero Stephen Decatur and his wife Susan, this brick building holds the honor of being the first and last…

5. Metropolitan AME Church

0.26 MILES

Built and paid for in 1886 by former slaves, the Metropolitan AME Church occupies an imposing redbrick Gothic structure and is one of the city’s most…

6. National Museum of Women in the Arts

0.28 MILES

The only US museum exclusively devoted to women’s artwork fills this Renaissance Revival mansion. Its collection – some 5500 works by 1000 female artists…

7. Blair House

0.32 MILES

Together, the 1824 Blair House and adjoining 1858 Lee House have functioned as part of the official presidential guesthouse complex since 1943, when…

8. White House

0.32 MILES

Play image association with the words “Washington, DC,” and chances are the first thing that comes to mind is the White House. The president’s pad is…