Capitol Reflecting Pool

Washington, DC

At the base of Capitol Hill, this pool echoes the larger, rectangular Reflecting Pool by the Lincoln Memorial at the other end of the Mall. The Capitol Pool actually caps the I-395 freeway, which dips under the Mall here.

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1. Ulysses S Grant Memorial

0.04 MILES

The ornate monument showing the general on horseback dominates the eastern side of the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

2. United States Botanic Garden

0.12 MILES

Built to resemble London’s Crystal Palace, this garden's iron-and-glass greenhouse provides a beautiful setting to view orchids, ferns and cacti. When you…

3. Bartholdi Park

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Beautifying a traffic island at the rear of the United States Botanic Garden, this modest showcase of sustainable and accessible landscape design has at…

5. Summerhouse


Northwest of the Capitol is the charming 1879 Summerhouse, a redbrick hexagon with black-iron gates and an interior well. This is where women in the late…

7. US Capitol

0.24 MILES

Since 1800, this is where the legislative branch of American government (ie Congress) has met to write the country's laws.

8. Taft Memorial Carillon

0.25 MILES

What is that chiming you hear every hour and quarter-hour? It's the 27 bells of the Taft Memorial Carillon, built to honor Senator Robert A Taft from Ohio…