Museum of the Bible

Washington, DC

This six-story museum explores the history and impact of the Bible through a mix of scholarly displays and theme-park-style exhibits. On the 4th floor, you'll find ancient Torah scrolls and a 1200-year-old Jewish prayer book; at the 3rd-floor World of Jesus exhibit, live people re-enact scenes from Jesus' time, and a flashy multimedia walk takes you through Old Testament stories.

There's also a restaurant, theater and changing exhibitions where you might see religious art or Vatican artifacts. While the museum states it is nonsectarian, there's a conservative Christian tint to it. Steve Green, the president of craft store franchise Hobby Lobby, is the museum's founder and chairman of the board. In 2017, Hobby Lobby was fined $3 million and ordered to return nearly 4000 ancient Iraqi artifacts intended for the museum to Iraq, after it had been determined that they were purchased without the proper documentation.

Admission is by donation, but you need a ticket to enter. Get one at the ticket desk. The entrance is at 4th and D Sts SW.

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