Pope-Leighey House

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Between 1937 and 1959, famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed a series of small-scale houses that he called 'Usonian.' Modest in scale but rich in innovation and detail, these site-specific single-story dwellings were constructed using native materials, had flat roofs and clerestory windows, and made the most of natural light, air and the surrounding landscape. This example dates from 1940. Young guides (often architects) conduct tours and impart lots of information about the house and its architect.

The house was originally constructed in Falls Church but was relocated to the Woodlawn estate after the house was threatened with demolition as part of an expansion of Hwy 66. It's now sited in a grassy knoll a short walk from the plantation mansion, which is located near George Washington's Distillery & Gristmill. To get here by public transport, take the Metro to Huntington station and then board Richmond Hwy Express Bus No 171; alight at Jeff Todd Way.

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