River Farm

River Farm

Northern Virginia

Wander landscaped grounds along the Potomac and get a sense of what the region looked like in George Washington’s day. The first president once owned these lands (Mount Vernon is 5 miles south) as part of his farming empire. As you stroll the different gardens – including the so-called 'Garden Calm', planted with shrubs, trees, and perennials that prefer full or part shade – keep an eye out for the enormous Osage orange tree, believed to be a gift to Washington from Thomas Jefferson.

The owner before George Washington built a small brick house on the property in 1757. In the following two centuries, it was expanded and remodeled, today serving as the headquarters of the American Horticultural Society. The society offers a series of activities throughout the year, including an indoor holiday display. A small garden shop nearby purveys local crafts, garden tools, and gardening books. Come here to bird-watch, paint, or sit and take in the quiet views. Benches provided. The farm is near the Mount Vernon Trail and provides bike racks in its parking lot.

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