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San Antonio & Hill Country

Tourism has been good to San Antonio, and the sprawling city reciprocates with enough attractions to keep everyone entertained. In addition to its colorful, European-style River Walk, away from the traffic and lined with cafes and bars, it rewards visitors with a well-rounded array of museums, historic sites, theme parks and outdoor activities. The Alamo, the scene of the most famous battle in the fight for Texas' independence from Mexico, is a stalwart tourist favourite, while four other beautifully preserved Spanish missions lie within the city limits.

San Antonio also puts you in close proximity to the Hill Country, a beautiful region known for its wildflower-lined roadways, charming small towns, gorgeous wineries and, yes, hills. Fredericksburg is the most visited of the Hill Country towns, but the area is more about winding roads and stopping along the way than any particular destination.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout San Antonio & Hill Country.