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New Mexico

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The Land of Enchantment casts a bewitching spell. Whether it's sunlight and shadow playing out across juniper-speckled hills, the electric glow of gypsum dunes at sunset or the Rio Grande Gorge cracking across the Taos Plateau, the landscape is undeniably mesmerizing. And it's all easily explored by hiking, cycling or paddling. The history is fascinating too, evidenced in the ancient Indian pueblos, the homes and holding cells of trappers and outlaws, and the mud-bricked churches filled with sacred art. And we haven't even mentioned the chile-smothered enchiladas, the thriving microbreweries or Better Call Saul. As for Meow Wolf, you'll want get in line right now.

Perhaps New Mexico's charm is best expressed in the simple but iconic paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe. The artist herself exclaimed, on her very first visit: 'Well! Well! Well!… This is wonderful! No one told me it was like this.'

But seriously, how could they?

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